Roller Skating Lessons

Group and Private Roller Skating Lessons are Available

Whether you have never been on quad roller skates before or you have given roller skating a try but want to learn more skills to improve your ability and confidence kat-atomic can teach you! All you need a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Anyone can learn to roller skate!

What you will learn

Based on your skating skill progression training for skaters with little or no experience on quad roller skates will focus on:

Gear: Checking trucks, wheels and toe stops to make sure they are secure and adjust equipment as needed. Brief overview of how loosening the trucks will allow for more agility and faster speeds.


Proper Skating Stance – balance your weight on your skate by having your knees bent, boobs out, look ahead to where you are going.

Sticky Skating – Without lifting up your skates skate across one end of the track back and forth using the watermelon/bubble sticky skating and the serpentine sticky skating techniques. 

Balancing On One Leg – Skate across the track balancing only on one leg. Move your body to find your center of gravity and balance. Pick whatever leg comes more natural for you. At first lift your leg slightly then as you get better lift leg higher. Once you are able to skate balancing on one leg then learn to do it for the other leg.

Figure Skaters – Once balancing on one leg is mastered for both legs progress to figure skaters.

Shifting the Weight From Skate to Skate – put all your weight onto one leg the push off, glide then shift all your weight to the other leg, glide then push off. Keep repeating.

Hopping from Skate to Skate – get some speed then while gliding hop from one skate to the other skate.

Hop Over A Water Bottle Challenge – After 2 months of roller skating training you should have the skills to jump over a water bottle, even if you never skated before. With practice YOU WILL BE ABLE TO JUMP A WATER BOTTLE!

I can teach you to roller skate just like I taught this badass how to skate and just 2 months after starting lessons she was able to jump cones! Just look at the smile on her face!!!


Try to control your falls by always falling forward onto your padding.
Do not flail arms or put them out for balance.

TROUBLE! – when in trouble take a knee whether standing still on skates or in motion. This is the fastest way to come to a stop and get your body where you can regain control.

Rolling single knee fall-
is a slow way to stop. While skating put all the weight onto one leg the drag the top of the skate on the other leg and go into a rolling lunge coming to a stop on the knee pad. 

Rolling double knee fall- this is slow way to stop but looks cool as hell! Once the single knee fall is mastered you need to get up a bit more speed and when you drop to your knee the follow with the 2nd knee. You must keep your chest out and look forward while doing this.

T-Stop– place all your weight on one leg and then take the other leg without any weight on it and turn it sideways using the outside 2 wheels to lightly scrape against the ground and slow you down. This is a slow stop.

Plow Stop – with legs wide put pressure on the outsides of the skates though the side and heel of both feet. Do not let both legs come back together.

Students Michele and Jamila with kat-atomic during their first lesson


Skating Student Testimonial: I really enjoyed our lesson.  I feel a more confident on my skates after your training. I can’t wait until my next lesson. – Michele

Skating Student Testimonial: After my first skating lesson I went out to practice what I had learned and had my first fall. None of what I was taught came in mind. Luckily I did have all my gear on. Thank you for drilling that into our heads. I did manage to get the T-stop down yesterday. I was so proud of myself. I brought my dog to skate so he can get used to it and he did well. I am just so excited about my accomplishment. Also, I got the first fall out of the way and I survived it. – Jamila

Life is great when on skates!


All students must sign a liability waiver and wear their safety gear at all times while wearing skates. Safety Gear and Equipment Required for all roller skating lessons:
Quad roller skates
Toe Guards or Duct Tape on roller skate toes
Knee Pads
Elbow Pads
Wrist Guards
Visit kat-atomic’s personal recommendations for roller skates and safety gear for suggestions and links to where to they can be purchased.

Lesson Price

Roller Skating Lessons are $60 per hour for private one on one coaching.
Group lessons are $60 per hour for as many students as you want to have up to 9 students to comply with current Covid pandemic gathering guidelines. Students can be a mix of skill levels and may be adults and/or kids. This is ideal for friends or a couple who want to take lessons together or for a group of home schooled kids as physical education.

Fill out the Contact Form Below or email kat-atomic directly at to schedule private or group roller skating lessons!

kat-atomic has been roller skating since she first strapped metal wheeled skates onto her sneakers when she was 4 years old. She grew up in Massachusetts where there were several roller rinks and she spent many weekends skating at the roller rink in her youth. After moving to Hawaii in 1993 kat-atomic roller bladed around Waikiki and Magic Island until moving to Makakilo in 2005. In 2008 she began training and playing roller derby with Pacific Roller Derby and was in charge of the new skater training along with her husband Handsome. In addition to weekly training for new roller derby players Handsome and kat-atomic also held training boot camps in Hawaii and Japan. In 2011 kat-atomic and Handsome split from Pacific Roller Derby and formed the West Oahu roller derby league of Aloha City Rollers. In her 7 year roller derby career kat-atomic has trained over 1,000 adults and children how to roller skate including many who never had skated before. Although kat-atomic retired from roller derby in 2016 she still enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of roller skating with others.

Quote from kat-atomic: My favorite thing about roller skating is how you have to be in the moment. You are focused just on what you are doing in each moment. The stresses and problems of the day are gone for the time I am on my skates and I am free flying on my wheels.

Links to Helpful Resources For Roller Skating Training

kat-atomic’s personal recommendations for roller skates and safety gear and links to instructional videos on skate parts and how to maintain your skates.

Videos on basic roller skating and basic roller derby skills.

Roller Skating Merch

Fun roller skating designs created by kat-atomic and Handsome to show off your badass skater attitude

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