300 Lap Challenge

Handsome’s 300 Lap Challenge

Aloha City Roller’s Coach Handsome held several 300 Lap Challenges to encourage skaters to put their endurance to the test. If they can skate 300 roller derby track laps without stopping then the skater would prove they have the endurance to play an entire roller derby bout if they had to! A further challenge of completing the challenge in less than one hour was also given by Coach Handsome.

Congratulations to Foxxy Comet who completed 300 Laps in 57 minutes 10 seconds on 6/18/2016!

The rules of Handsome’s 300 Lap Challenge:

  • Skaters may not fall or stop until completing 300 laps within a regulation roller derby track boundries or they will be disqualified.
  • All skaters start at the same time.
  • Each skater has a dedicated person to count their laps.
  • The dedicated counter may hand the skater a water bottle which the skater must drink while still rolling.
  • Skaters may listen to music using headphones to stay motivated.

The video features the Handsome’s 300 Lap Challenge that took place August 6, 2011 in Kapolei, Hawaii.

Handsome’s 300 Lap Challenge 8-6-2011
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