Minimum Skills

Minimum Skills Required To Play Roller Derby

Below are the minimum demonstrative skating skills that were required by Aloha City Rollers league. In addition to the demonstrative skating skills a written rules test was also a requirement to pass before being allowed to play in games. Other roller derby leagues may have additional requirements or different standards but mastering the below skills will get you physically ready to try out for most roller derby leagues. We will link to videos from YouTube explaining how to do each skill when possible. Visit the Aloha City Rollers YouTube Channel for a full list of videos from league training and events.

Pace line weaving during Aloha City Rollers boot camp.

The demonstrative minimum skills test will test:

27 laps in less than 5 minutes

Complete 27 laps in less than 5 minutes in bound of a regulation roller derby track using proper skating posture, strides, and crossovers into and out of turns.

Using water makes learning plow stops easier for how to push out and foot placement.


Tstops both legs, plow stop, Mohawk stop

Cone weaving and learning to take a tiny space at Aloha City Rollers boot camp.


one foot glide on straightaway, sticky skate, quick cuts from one side of track to other

Four Point Falls demonstration during Aloha City Rollers boot camp.


Single knee both legs, double knee, baseball slide, 180 turn, four point fall, Monkey Roll,

Two types of Monkeyroll safety fall demonstrated during Aloha City Rollers boot camp with new recruits.


Stepping from standstill, squat laps, hops 6” object, hop laps, weaving 10 cones, toe stop walking

Roller skating agility drills during Aloha City Rollers boot camp.

Whips & Pushes Give And Receive:

Outside whips, inside whips, hip whips, pushes

Shoulder check demonstration during Aloha City Rollers boot camp.

Checks Give And Receive:

hip checks both sides, shoulder checks both sides

SEVEN is a roller derby strategy using team positional blocking to control opposing players

Focus And Blocking:

Focus, positional blocking, stall blocking, leaning  

Agility training walking on toe stops at Aloha City Rollers boot camp.

Pack And Line Drills:

pacing, pace line weaving, unexpected obstacles, bumping

Front jumping cones during Aloha City Rollers boot camp.

Off Skate Workouts To Strengthen Muscles Needed For Roller Derby

An excellent way to strengthen every part of the body used in roller derby is to do the 41 Day Apocalyptic Workout Challenge created by Handsome who was Aloha City Rollers founder, Coach, and Head Referee. Below are some additional strength training videos from Aloha City Rollers boot camps.

Fast feet and grapevine foot work agility off skate warm up at Aloha City Rollers boot camp.
Leg strengthening wearing knee pads off skate warm up at Aloha City Rollers boot camp.

Learning The Rules of Roller Derby

There are several different rules that roller derby can be played under. Below are links to some of the most popular rules and resources to help learn them. Check with the roller derby league you want to join which rules they use.


MRDA Rules

International Rules of Roller Derby

Roller Derby Rule of the Day

Roller Derby Rules Clarifications and Tough Questions

WFTDA Training And Educational Resources for Skaters and Leagues

Track soaked from a passing down pour during practice. and can’t skate.. cute photo time!
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