Minimum Skills

Minimum Skills Required To Play Roller Derby

Below are the minimum demonstrative skating skills that were required by Aloha City Rollers league. In addition to the demonstrative skating skills a written rules test was also a requirement to pass before being allowed to play in games. Other roller derby leagues may have additional requirements or different standards but mastering the below skills will get you physically ready to try out for most roller derby leagues. We will link to videos from YouTube of current roller derby players and leagues explaining how to do each skill when possible.

The demonstrative minimum skills test will test:

27 laps in less than 5 minutes with proper skating posture, strides, and crossovers into and out of turns.

Stops: Tstops both legs, plow stop, Mohawk stop

Skating: one foot glide on straightaway, sticky skate, quick cuts from one side of track to other

Falls: Single knee both legs, double knee, baseball slide, 180 turn, four point fall

Agility: Stepping from standstill, squat laps, hops 6” object, hop laps, weaving 10 cones

Whips & Pushes give & receive: Outside whips, inside whips, hip whips, pushes

Checks give & receive: hip checks both sides, shoulder checks both sides

Focus & Blocking: Focus, positional blocking, stall blocking, leaning  

Pack & Line Drills: pacing, pace line weaving, unexpected obstacles, bumping

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