Roller derby is a team sport and players must use teamwork to be successful. Super star players who try to do everything themselves are destructive to a team. Every team member is important and if everyone works together everyone achieves more! Having a positive attitude, willingness to work hard, and ability to work as a team are essential for roller derby players. Coach Handsome instilled working as a team into every player and it was a foundational principle of Aloha City Rollers. High fives, hugs, and team cheers were done at every practice, scrimmage, and game.

Aloha City Rollers Cheer

(Coach Handsome) What do you give?
(team) HARD WORK!
(Coach Handsome) How do you give it?
(team)TEAM WORK!
(Coach Handsome) You Are Rockstars!

ACR Team Cheer after the 2/16/2013 Dash Dolls vs Sneaky Tiki’s Game

Handsome’s New Girl Cheer

(Coach Handsome) What do you wanna be?
(Fresh Meat) DERBY GIRL!
(Coach Handsome) What is it gonna take?
(Fresh Meat) HARD WORK!
(Coach Handsome) Badass Bitches on three…1,2,3
(Fresh Meat) BADASS BITCHES!!!!!!!

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