Boot Camp

Coach Handome’s Boot Camp

Coach Handsome coached for and was the head referee at Pacific Roller Derby starting in 2007 then formed his own league Aloha City Rollers in 2011. Handsome was an expert at the WFTDA rules at the time and was known to be strict on players to follow the rules. His boot camps were known to be tough and he did not invite or pass everyone. Handsome had high standards he required boot camp attendees meet to pass. Handsome’s boot camps brought skaters together instilling teamwork skills and building friendships with some lasting a lifetime. When a skater passed Handsome’s boot camp they felt like they accomplished something major. They had not just minimum roller derby skills but some extra skills to set them apart. They also had confidence and knew how to work as a team with an understanding of the rules and basic strategy of roller derby. Handsome’s boot camp was known to produce amazing skaters and he was asked by several other leagues in Hawaii to share his outline which they used to train their new recruits. Handsome also coached boot camps in Yokosuka Japan for the Sushi Rollers and other Japan roller derby teams in 2011 and 2012.

This is a slideshow of some of Handsome’s boot camps

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