Derby Names

Roller Derby Names

Roller derby players often taken on a derby name and player number. Most women who play the sport have not been part of team sports and may not be used to being aggressive. Having an alter ego can make being someone you are not normally like off the track easier. Aloha City Rollers allowed all league members to choose derby names and numbers as soon as they joined. Offensive names, sexually suggestive names, and similar names or numbers were not permitted. Coach Handsome had a knack for coming up with cleaver derby names and was responsible for helping many league members come up with theirs! Each league will have their own rules regarding alternative names. Some leagues will not let players choose derby names until they pass minimum skills.

This is a video of Aloha City Roller league members being interviewed and answering the question… How did you come up with your roller derby name?

How did you come up with your derby name?
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