Aloha City Rollers

Resources To Start Training To Play Roller Derby
And League Memories

Aloha! Welcome to Aloha City Rollers Resources to Learn to Play Roller Derby and League Memories

This website shares resources to learn the basics of how to play roller derby. Use the information to train on your own then try out for a league in your area. No team in your area? Then use the information to start a league! Roller derby is not just a game it is a lifestyle. When you begin to train you will either find it too challenging and give up or it will become a compulsion that seeps into every aspect of your life. Many people find roller derby shows them how strong they really are physically and mentally. Roller derby shows you that you CAN accomplish many things your brain (and other people) often say you can’t. Roller derby helps to bring out the inner badass.

The resources provided in this website are from Aloha City Rollers, a roller derby league in Hawaii, USA that trained and played roller derby on the island of Oahu 10/11/2011-2015 under the direction of and coaching of league owners Handsome and kat-atomic. The league played roller derby for fun and camaraderie but also promoted taking training seriously as athletes. Aloha City Roller’s specialty was training new recruits who had no prior roller derby experience and many who had never roller skated on quad skates before. Aloha City Rollers members were known for having a strong team spirit and appreciated playing the game, win or lose. Although Aloha City Rollers is no more we wanted to share the training resources to continue to help others who want to train to play roller derby! This website also shares some of Aloha City Rollers league memories.