Aloha City Rollers

Resources To Start Training To Play Roller Derby
And League Memories

Aloha! Welcome to Aloha City Rollers Resources to Learn to Play Roller Derby and League Memories

This website shares resources to learn the basics of how to play roller derby. Use the information to train on your own then try out for a league in your area. No team in your area? Then use the information to start a league!

This website also shares some of Aloha City Rollers roller derby league photos and videos and will be a time capsule for league members to look back at happy ACR memories anytime. Below is a video of memories from the first months of Aloha City Rollers created by Square Peg.

Aloha City Rollers Recruiting and Bout Art from 2011-2015

Aloha City Rollers First Months video created by Square Peg from January 2012

Aloha City Rollers First Months by Square Peg 1-29-2012