After Party

After Party

In roller derby, if you don’t win a game you can still win the after party! After every scrimmage, bout, or tournament there is always an after party. It may be a track side pot luck, it may be at a restaurant, it may be at someone’s home, it may be at a bar, it may be at the beach, it may be in a park. The after party is a time for everyone involved in the roller derby event to get together and hang out. The rivalry disappears and everyone can have a good time. Sometimes alcohol is involved, sometimes everyone just enjoys a meal together.

Aloha City Rollers often had after parties and after practice gatherings at Chilis in Kapolei, The Shack in Mililani, The Mill in Mililani, and Just Tacos in Mililani. There was a tradition started by some of the Aloha City Rollers members to get as many people as possible into a bathroom and take a group photo. Will be updating with more after party pic as they are acquired.

kat-atomic’s Most Memorable and Meaningful After Party (and roller derby) Story

In September 2012 Aloha City Rollers travel team the Rockstars participated in their first tournament, Battle of the Islands. B.O.T.I. is an annual roller derby tournament of all the Hawaii roller derby teams and B-Teams made up of individual players from the islands not on a team and players from other states and countries. Aloha City Rollers formed in October 2011 when some of the members of Pacific Roller Derby split off. Battle of the Islands 2012 was being hosted by PRD on Oahu. Aloha City Rollers had been recruiting and training to build its membership for the year after staring and just a couple weeks prior to the tournament ACR just finished a boot camp filling out the roster for the tournament. For some of ACRs Rockstars this tournament was their first game.

Aloha City Rollers Rock Stars for Battle of the Islands 2012

The Battle of the Islands asks each team to choose a song to play when the team is being introduced. ACR chose “We Will Rock You” by Queen. The ACR all star team is called the Rockstars because Oahu is a rock in the middle of the ocean and each of these roller derby badasses is a Rockstar! During the introduction, as the song played, the players stomped their skates twice then clapped while they skated around the track in a pace line. The crowd loved it and it really pumped up the players! The first game of the tournament was in an indoor gym with hardwood floors. ACR trained and usually played on a polished concrete track so it took some getting used to. ACRs Coach Handsome instilled into players don’t just play to win, also love playing the game. All of the players worked as a team with lots of high fives flying and smiling faces. We were having a blast! At the end of the game we had scored 69 points and we all started screaming, high five-ing and chanting “sixtynine – sixtynine – sixtynine!” But we didn’t win, the other team scored more points (I don’t even remember what their score was). But in a way we did win because we were a rag tag group of rebels who just played their first tournament and scored 69 hard earned points. Everyone was so full of adrenaline and feelings of accomplishment we couldn’t wait for the after party to all celebrate together.

The B.O.T.I. was hosting an after party at a bar in a private room. ACR members met outside the bar so we could all go in together. We decided to go with an Aloha theme and everyone wore grass hula skirts and the guys wore coconut bras and bikini tops too. The private room was located on the 2nd floor of the bar and you had to walk up a set of stairs to get there. ACR walked in together single file stomping our feet twice then clapping once chanting “We will… we will.. ROCK YOU!”. We did this walking up the stairs and then circled the room. The room went wild joining in and cheering! ACR handed out stickers and sold tshirts to our new fans. Handsome and I received many complements from members of other leagues all night about how amazing our skaters are and what awesome team spirit Aloha City Rollers has. ACR won that after party! This day and this after party ranks in the top 10 happy experiences of my life and top three roller derby experiences. This was an AMAZING day and awesome after party! Above is a slide show of a few memories from that day. Below are videos taken by others of the tournament including the entire first and second half of the first tournament game!

Aloha City Rollers Rock Stars in 2012 Battle of the Islands video by ACR sponsor Team Lally Real Estate
2012 Battle of the Islands Aloha City Rollers vs Maui Owies – first half – video by Mike Harris
2012 Battle of the Islands Aloha City Rollers vs Maui Owies – second half – video by Mike Harris
Pacific Roller Derby’s video from Day 2 of 2012 Battle of the Islands featuring Aloha City Rollers
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