Non Skating Officials

A roller derby scrimmage or bout requires many support members to help keep score, track penalties, run the penalty box, announce and explain what is happening to the crowd, and bandage up scrapes that may happen. NSOs are Non Skating Officials and they assist the referees in keeping the game safe and fair. Many spouses and friends helped out Aloha City Rollers as NSOs. Many prospects who considered playing but couldn’t commit to the practices supported the league as NSOs. All fresh meat should help their leagues as NSOs to better learn the rules and gain a greater understanding of how roller derby is played. Injured players should also support their league as NSOs during their recovery.

This is slideshow of some of the many amazing NSOs that supported Aloha City Rollers!

For a scrimmage or bout leagues need:


A minimum of 4 referees (2 Jammer refs & 2 pack refs) plus Head Ref. You can also have 2 additional outside pack refs if you have them.


For NSOs you are going to need:
2-3 Penalty Box Timers
2 Penalty Trackers
2-3 Penalty Relay/Wranglers (5 if there are outside pack refs)
2 Score Keepers
1 Jam Timer
1 Peiod Timer
1 Penalty Board Tracker
1 Score Board Operator of if you dont have a score board then a Score Person with wipe board
1-2 Announcers with PA system and music
1-2 Medics

Bout Supplies

Supplies you will need are:
9 Stop Watches
Dry Erase Board around 24″X36″
Dry Erase Board around 8 1/2″ X 17″
Dry Erase Board around 24″X18″ (to use as score board if you dont have digital one)
Dry Erase Pens
Dry Eraser
4 Clip Boards
6 Ink Pens
7 folding chairs (not beach chairs, sturdy folding chairs)
1/2″ rope for track (if you need to know how much for inside and outside let us know)
Several rolls 2″ Blue Painters Tape to tape down track rope
First Aid Kit
Biohazard Clean Up Kit

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