Kids of ACR

Kids of ACR

Many Aloha City Roller league members were parents. Aloha City Rollers allowed members to bring their kids to practices. The kids all had fun playing together while their Moms and Dads did practices. ACR was a family. We looked out for and cared for each other. Many of the kids learned how to skate and had fun skating with their parents at Family Fun Skate. The kids who took roller derby seriously were allowed to train with us and NSO for scrimmages and bouts. League members and their families got together frequently for holidays and fun times. Roller derby is a sport that can bring a family together!

Aloha City Rock & Rollers

Many of kids of ACR were inspired by their Mom and/or Dad playing roller derby and wanted to play too. The junior roller derby league Aloha City Rock & Rollers taught youth skaters a no contact version of roller derby 20015-2016 with coaches Emolly Hatchet, Wise Axe, Hammerhead, Mama Hatchet, Foxxy Comet, Maniac Monkey and Smackenzie Phillips. The kids trained just as hard as the adults and had a lot of fun train skating.

Training was usually held at the Mililani Roller Hockey Rink. The video below was one of the Aloha City Rock & Rollers practices held at the nearby Mililani Skate Park with ramps and bowls to have fun and advance skills with.

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