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Check out our tips for moving to Hawaii! Planning to visit Hawaii? Check out our interesting information about Hawaii to familiarize yourself with Hawaii's fascinating culture, history, and lifestyle. We also share travel tips, activity reviews and answer frequently asked questions to help Hawaii's visitors get the most from their time in paradise. Want to share your love of Hawaii with friends and family? It is easy to host a luau anywhere using our free Luau resources including popular luau recipes, fun luau games and crafts ideas, first name translations into Hawaiian, hula dancing tutorial, ukulele tutorial, and more! Want to enjoy a mental vacation to Hawaii anytime? Visit our Hawaii photo gallery!

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We are Mike and Kim Crinella, A Friend in the Islands at! Since moving to Oahu in 1993 we have been exploring all the Hawaiian Islands and since 1999 we have been sharing our experiences and love of Hawaii on If you have a Hawaii related question our website does not answer please send us a message!

Resources To Easily Create A Hawaii Theme Luau or Wedding Anywhere!

  • Island Treasures Available for Shipment Within the USA
  •  Vintage Hawaiiana Collectables
  •  Jonny Pickle Original Designs on Clothing & Gifts

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